Pin Up Tattoo T-Shirt (BLACK/WHITE)

  • Black shirt in front of pink background. Shirt is printed with white ink, design is a tattooed pin-up mama breastfeeding a baby in her arms

Pin Up Tattoo T-Shirt (BLACK/WHITE)


Our iconic tattooed pin-up mama is back! And this time in simple, classic black and white for people who love breastfeeding punk mamas. T-shirts don’t get much cooler!

Available as a breastfeeding shirt or a t-shirt, in sizes XS-5XL.

Please note, the breastfeeding shirt with invisible zippers is another item in our store.

Size Guide: (bust measurement and length measurement)

XS - B32” L 24”

S - B36” L25”

M - B38” L25.5”

L - B42” L26”

XL - B45” L26.5”

2X - B48” L28”

3X - B56” L 29”

4X - B59” L 30”

5X - B62” L 32”

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