Who Are And Out Come The Boobs?

...And Out Come The Boobs is the idea of two punk moms who just couldn’t find clothes to feed their babies in that made them feel like themselves. 

One friend offered to customize another friend’s band shirts to make them breastfeeding friendly. A lightbulb was lit with a ‘ding’ sound effect. You know how it goes...

Two women stand in front of wall covered in punk music flyers.

Knowing there must be other people who felt the same as us (and sticking to the true punk ethos of DIY) we decided to set up ...And Out Come The Boobs.  It’s hard enough being a parent to a tiny human without the added struggle of finding clothes that make you feel like you. Our shirts are helping nursing parents reclaim their punk identities one customized, upcycled shirt at a time.

Our names are Hannah and April, and we live in the Bay Area. Hannah is originally from London, UK and has two kids. She loves The Clash, Cock SParrer and X Ray Spex. April has two grown up children, a toddler and a gorgeous grandson. She is a skateboarding, pin-up model and loves the Johnny Thunders, The Pogues and Bikini Kill. 

We bonded over a shared appreciation for Dolly Parton...

All our shirts are practical and comfortable to nurse in - we know because we’ve tested the designs ourselves. They have been hand customized to allow easy access while protecting the design of the shirt. We also offer a customization service for any shirts that you love and want to turn into feeding-friendly clothes.

So that’s us and a little about what we do. Please let us know if you have any questions. We love it when people get in touch!

Nursing clothes that don’t suck: customized, upcycled breastfeeding shirts for punk parents.


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