And Out Come The Boobs Gift Guide for Punk Parents. 2019. Hannah's List

Wondering what to get your loved ones for Christmas? Us too. Let us help you with some ideas for the punk parent in your life.  

If you’re anything like us, supporting small businesses is the way to go, especially if they are owned by other punks and weirdos like us! 

We also choose to support LGBTQAI and women-identified owned businesses - choosing where to spend your $ is a great way to use your economic privilege and champion other makers and shakers.

We've tried to include a range of items in a range of prices, so there will be something for everyone here!

This is the first of a couple of Gift Guides we’re publishing over the next couple of weeks. 

‘what I want for Christmas’ by Hannah, aged 35, a feminist punk parent of two and part-time stage invader

1. Siouxsie boot from footwear goddess Charla Tedrick. I dream about these studs. These boots are perfect for parties and play dates alike. An excellent addition to find under the tree this holiday season.

2. Fancy Vintage Scissors Pendant Necklace by Alter Ego Designs. A perfect gift for crafters and customizes of every style. I may be getting these for my AOCTB co-boss April, sssshh don’t tell her!

3. Ask Me About My Feminist Agenda Christmas sweater from Punky Moms Every wardrobe needs an ugly Christmas sweater, and this is probably the best I’ve seen. Start ALL the conversations this holiday season , especially with those relatives who need to hear more about your feminist agenda...!

4. 2020 Calendar from our favorite body and boob positive artist Taynee. Surround yourself with beauty and art that inspires you next year. This is going in my kitchen so I can celebrate gorgeous bodies every day. 

5. Gender Roles May Be Toxic tank top by Support The T - we love this store, it was hard to pick just one thing to include in this guide. We firmly believe that the more we talk about how damaging gender roles can be, the more we can contribute to breaking down the binary. And that can only be better for us all. 

6. Yoga Galaxy Master Poppet from Freak and Pocky - if you’re not living your life in the way Master Yoda would be proud of, are you even using the force properly? Freak and Pocky have a huge range of these handcrafted poppets to fulfill all your geeky and fantasy gift needs.

7. It’s Motherfucking Tea Time Mug by Sew Geek - this Londoner loves swearing and tea, so this mug couldn’t be more perfect. There is also a coffee option if tea isn’t your jam. Splash of milk and no sugars please. 

8. Little Feminist Book Club subscription - we’ve been subscribers for a year now and the arrival of our monthly package is a highlight in our house. The books are a wonderful way of introducing new voices, cultures and stories to your kids bookshelves. The discussion questions and activities help parents discuss the issues raised with compassion, love and empathy - all things we could do with more of in our lives.

Person stands wearing blue shirt with white print, image on shirt is a pin-up breastfeeding a baby9. And Come The Boobs Pin Up Shirt Navy Blue and White - our Signature Collection gets a new addition just in time for the holidays, a brand new color released by your favorite boobing punk parents! This goes on sale on Black Friday - make sure you sign up for Access All Areas to get a special discount code.

Happy Shopping friends!

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