Earth Day 2022

We need clothing manufacturing that respects people, the environment and animals. We need more upcycling, reusing and customizing.

- To celebrate EARTH DAY 2022, we are taking 40% off our entire UPCYCLED COLLECTION (including the bodyfeeding shirts already in the SALE!)

- We have 21 never seen before online BRAND NEW UPCYCLED SHIRTS up for grabs. Join us on Instagram on Friday 22, 2022 at 10.30am PST for our first ever Story Sale. We will post a photo and details of a shirt, if you want it, be the first to DM us with your email and mailing address. We'll then send an invoice from our store

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New Skateboarding Collection

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new skateboarding collection of breastfeeding shirts; featuring Thrasher, Creature, Anti Hero and Spitfire. Did you know that April (AOCTB co-bossmom) is a badass skateboarder and has been riding since she was a pre-teen? She tells great stories of being a young mom and taking her toddler down to...
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