Plus Size Price Drop


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Did you know that plus size shoppers often have to spend far more money than other shoppers? It could be on additional shipping costs because the clothes weigh more, it could be because some retailers add increased costs for different packaging, it could be production costs a shop passes on to only their fat customers. All these three things have happened to me.

And that’s when you can find the clothing you’re looking for in the first place. Which we all know, is a fucking nightmare. I've been in tears many times as I've tried the largest offered size in the store and still been made to feel like it's my body that is wrong, and not the sizest options on offer.

Plus size folx regularly have to make significant compromises when it comes to their clothing. You either go with the one that looks good but feels terrible, or the one that fits but is in a color that makes you want to puke. Or you shop at big mainstream box brands because they are the only ones that offer your size, even though you would rather support smaller or more ethical retailers.

Recent articles focusing on the impact of plus size fast fashion were quickly criticized by fat influencers, plus size models and body positive campaigners. When you wear a larger size, there are costs all round and very little choice. It all adds up.

Time for a change.

We’re going to try something. We’re going to take 20% off the price of our XXL, 3X, 4X and 5X customized shirts - specifically our Classic and Pin Up designs in our Signature Collection. It's not a special offer, or something we'll change back next week. We genuinely are making our plus size shirts cheaper.

We can’t change what the postal service charges for their delivery, but we can help tip the balance a little bit.

And we promise we will never charge extra for packaging or production costs for larger sizes, because that’s bollocks and absolutely not what we are about. 

ALL parents deserve to feel good feeding their babies. ALL parents need access to bodyfeeding clothes that don’t suck. 

Shop our Signature Collection now. Each shirt has a size guide in the listing. Reach out with any other size or access questions. Additional sizing available on request.




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