New Sportsball Collection

Let me tell you a story. A story about a fantastic day in the warm, California sun. A day with boobs, community, hell even some of Greenday were there. 

We found ourselves in a prime location at an Oakland Street Fair, made friends with seemingly every new parent in the East Bay, and met more new customers than any other event we had ever sold at before.

Part of the winning combination was that we gave lactating parents a comfortable, clean safe spot to sit comfortably to sit and feed or change their kiddo, plus coloring for older sibs and friends. The other part was that we had a load of upcycled shirts from local Bay Area sports teams. Honestly, they flew off the racks. It was awesome.

It was almost as if good clothes for lactating parents are needed for all fandoms, not just bands and punk music…

We haven’t sold at an event since. I don’t know if we will again. Until we decide, here’s a collection of upcycled shirts from various sports and various



*Oh and if you’re wondering about the Greenday connection, it was the 40th Street Fair and some of Greenday are in the Cover-Ups who were playing a set on the stage at the end of the street.

We had a blast. So many punk rock parents all out for the day with their tiny punklings. The scene did us proud.


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