New Skateboarding Collection

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a brand new skateboarding collection of breastfeeding shirts; featuring Thrasher, Creature, Anti Hero and Spitfire.Stack of skateboarding shirts customized for breastfeeding.

Did you know that April (AOCTB co-bossmom) is a badass skateboarder and has been riding since she was a pre-teen? She tells great stories of being a young mom and taking her toddler down to the skate park, and the community she found there.

Stack of skateboarding shirts customized for breastfeeding. On leopard print table cloth, in front of pink background.

From Cindy Whitehead, to Tara Jepsen, to Elissa Steamer, to Cara-Beth Burnside, to Vanessa Tires, to Lacey Baker - the skateboard world is full of badass women and inspirations.

And now you can get full boob-access whilst following in their badass wheel marks. These shirts all have invisible zippers that allow you to feed or pump and skate without needing to change.

This is just a mini-collection so don’t wait around, we won’t be releasing any more skateboarding shirts for a minute!  


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