More Inclusive Than Ever

We’re thrilled to share that we’ve expanded two of our lines to include size 6X - and we plan to expand the other lines when we next reprint those shirts.



And we’re still keeping the price of plus size shirts below the price of other shirts. You can find out why here.

It’s always been important to us that our shirts can be worn by as many people as possible. We also know what it’s like to be a bigger bodied person and be let down by other post-partum clothing lines. The very reason we started printing our own shirts is that we could never find band shirts to upcycle that were bigger than XXL. And we knew that wasn’t good enough for our community or in lone with our values.

The honest situation is that we’ve had trouble for the past year or so finding shirts to customize bigger than 3X or 4X. More tellingly, we haven’t been able to find any of the super soft shirts, or the more unusual designs in bigger sizes - the raglan shirts, the bright colors or the cool patterns just aren’t offered and it’s not ok.

Our suppliers promise us that they are trying to make all shirts available in more sizes. We’re hopeful that March 2022 is when they will have them in stock, and so that’s what we’re planning for.

If you have a business making or selling shirts, have you asked your supplier to expand their size range? You can find out more about the #fightforinclusivity by searching the hashtag or educating yourself via posts on Saucy West’s account @saucyewest

All bodies are valid, all sizes deserve bodyfeeding shirts that don’t suck.


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