Headline! Joins our Signature Collection


Introducing HEADLINE! The newest breastfeeding shirt in our Signature Collection and the only one with the single color-pop invisible zipper. 

This shirt is made from 100% super soft cotton. The cut of the shirt is longer in the body than our usual unisex standard fitting shirts, the neckline is thinner and the sleeves are slightly shorter. All make this shirt perfect for the summertime.

The long single vertical zipper is perfect when accessing one side at a time for feeding or pumping purposes, with the other side staying fully covered up. The rest of the time, the zipper allows the neckline to be adjusted to the perfect height you want your shirt at for the rest of the day.

Practical and punk AF. Available in a range of sizes because punk parents come in a range of sizes.

Size Guide: (bust measurement and length measurement)

XS - B29” L22”

S - B31” L22”

M - B33” L22.5”

L - B34” L23.5”

XL - B37” L24”

XXL - B41” L 24.5”

3X - B43” L24.5”

And Out Come The Boobs. Nursing Clothes That Don’t Suck.


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