GATEWAY! A Playlist to Get Your Kids Into Punk: Vol 2

Female-presenting parent holds hand of toddler in Clash t-shirt. Both have happy open mouths, Image has blue filter

Wondering what to play on that road trip this weekend? Maybe you have to endure watching the eldest kid at practice whilst keeping the little one entertained in the car? Fear not.

GATEWAY! our tried and tested punk playlist for the whole family is BACK! And this time the songs have been chosen by some of your favorite bands.

This playlist has been carefully curated by members of the Last Gang, Sharp Shock, Maid of Ace, The Drowns, Monster Squad, 45 Adaptors, The Ramoms, Knuckledust, The Bad Ups, plus folks from the Mable Syndrome podcast and Blitzkreig Chop punk hair salon. And we're lining up Volume 3 as we speak...

Here are 30 tracks designed to get your kids hooked on punk rock. Songs that make the hair on the back on your neck stand on end. Music that will have your toddler opening up the pit in their bedroom. Because supporting our scene also means growing our scene.

Featuring bands all punk kids should know - the Ramones, Blondie, The Cramps, The Misfits, The Clash, Cock Sparrer, the Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, X Ray Spex and the Descendents. Also stuffed with family favorites like the Interrupters, MxPx, Goldfinger, Against Me, Against Me, Teenage Bottlerocket, Bad Cop Bad Cop and Rancid. There are even side projects of the Bouncing Souls aimed specifically at kids. Seriously. This playlist is SIIIIIIICCCCCKKKK.

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With love and thanks to Gerard, Chris, Danielle, Sharon, Jodi, Ginger, Rev, Travis, Ray Dust, Davey, Robert, Kristin, and all their kids.

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