AOCTB x War On Women

Punk girl with black and green hair, leans toward the camera with hand on zipper.

AOCTB x War On Women is a collaboration between your favorite punk rock breastfeeders and our favorite hardcore feminist band. 

The story goes like this. A few years ago we heard this band, and in talking to our friends about them, turned out we were the last ones to get on board. In a world where truth-telling is often diluted and punished, the music this band writes connects with much of our collective lived experience. And then there’s the full-on experience of going to one of their shows, which we highly recommend.

Earlier this year they were supposed to be playing with Bad Religion and Alkaline Trio on a national tour, which got cancelled leaving the band with a load of merch that they had to sell. When I ordered a shirt, I included a note that just said, ‘let us know if you ever want to turn any of your shirts into breastfeeding shirts!’

And true to the reputation they have for people who get shit done, they replied by sending us a box of shirts to customize. And so here they are.

They are currently donating all monies made from their Accomplices Not Allies Shirt to the LGBTQ Freedom Fund and so we’ll do the same.        

Find the AOCTB x War On Women collaboration here.                        

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