AOCTB x The Ramoms: Hey Ho! Let’s Boob!

Innovative Merch Alert from The Ramoms

All-mom Ramones cover band The Ramoms are bringing out a line of breastfeeding shirts for their nursing fans.

Woman stands with arms above her head. She is wearing a ramoms shirt customized with two zippers in front for breastfeeding Partnering with us, your friendly punk mom-owned business And Out Come The Boobs, the shirts feature double invisible zippers for easy boob access.

The collaboration was announced on the latest episode of the Mable Syndrome podcast, which featured singer Jodi and Boobs co-boss Hannah discussing punk parenting and ‘growing up’ in the punk scene.

The pair swap parenting stories with Mable host Kristen Bixby, including Hannah sharing how you ‘rebel’ when your Dad is the singer from Cock Sparrer.

And Out Come The Boobs customizes band shirts for punk parents, so you don’t have to compromise on your style while you feed your tiny human.

“I wish these shirts existed when I had my son!”  Ginger Ramom

“These shirts are a game changer.  I nursed all three of my sons and if these were available at that time nursing in public would have been so much easier!!!”  Jodi Ramom

AOCTB co-boss Hannah said ‘We’d been wanting to work directly with a band for a while and partnering with the Ramoms is a no-brainer. Not only are they a great band with catchy versions of songs you love, but they are all people you want to have a beer with at a show”

The shirts are currently available sizes S-XL on the Ramoms site.

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