Ain't No Punk You Punk is BACK baby!

Back by popular demand! Our legendary collaboration with Rock'n' Roll Repeat brings the very best of Oakland punk fashion back together again for 2022.

This customized bodyfeeding shirt features lyrics from Garbage Man by The Cramps, and illustration by Dara Moshonas. We get asked about this shirt all the time!

Printed in the East Bay by Dirty Looks, we worked our magic with our invisible zippers. These shirts are a game changer in making feeding your tiny punkling easy!

Please note: the first batch of these we customized were slim fit shirts (sometimes called women's fit). These new shirts are regular standard unisex sizing and fit.

The zipper placement on these shirts is different by size. Please check the Size Guide for information.

Size Guide

S Bust 34” Length 25.5” horizontal zipper

M Bust 36” Length 26.5” horizontal zipper

L Bust 38” Length 28” vertical double zippers

XL Bust 45” Length 28” horizontal zipper

XXL Bust 48” Length 29” vertical double zippers



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