5 Reasons To Get A Custom Shirt

By Deb, New York 

  1. When I started breastfeeding, I hated all the clothes I saw (if I see one more boring-ass cutesy striped shirt with too much material flapping away, I will scream). One late night, scrolling through Etsy, and I came across And Out Come The Boobs. My life has never been the same since.
  2. I think it was a Bouncing Souls shirt that was already sold, but I showed my partner immediately. This was my type of mom clothes. The next day he ordered me the Classic logo shirt and the Pin-Up Tattoo shirt. I couldn’t stop there. The possibilities were endless!
  3. I ended up getting four of my favorite shirts custom done for maximum breastfeeding ease and style. April and Hannah are an absolute pleasure to work with when figuring out the shirts and zipper placements, and the shirts came back to me super fast.
  4. I’m not even breastfeeding anymore and I still wear the hell out of all six!
  5. Now, I’m forgoing my friends’ baby shower registries and ordering them custom shirts from And Out Come The Boobs, instead. I just got one of my dearest friends a Cursive shirt customized because she loves the band and we used to go see Cursive shows together whenever they came to town. She loves the shirt so much- helping her boobs breathe while she’s pregnant this hot summer. Next up, an Orville Peck custom shirt for another dear friend.

Can’t wait for all rad breast feeders to have an And Out Come The Boobs shirt!

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