5 Plans We're Making Real in 2020

You want to know what dreaming and scheming we've been up to? We haven't even seen each other in person in 2020 but there are big plans underway. The train is well and truly rolling.

Messy desk with yellow paper in center, on it is written 5 plans we're making real in 20201. Thinking Bigger. More shirts, more bands, more custom orders, more choices, more places to buy, more collaborations, more excitement, more shenanigans. 

2. Thinking Local. Hey Bae Area, we love you. Like, we hella love you. And we've got plans. Pop-ups and treasure and teams you love. Watch this space.

3. Thinking Personal. Launching a full damn MENU of customization options. You know April's been working on this for a hot minute, and you know we're going to launch with a bang. 

4. Thinking Smarter. Passing shirts on from one mama to the next, getting more shirts on more bodies. 

5. Thinking Building. Community, scene, support, giving back, inclusion, accountability. How can we play our role in helping normalize breastfeeding? 

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