5 Essential Gifts for Parents Planning to Breastfeed, Chestfeed or Pump

Punk mom with turquoise hear has toddler on lap, she is wearing an And Out Come The Boobs breastfeeding shirt. Text reads: 5 Essential Gifts for parents planning to breastfeed, chested or pump
It can be overwhelming knowing the best baby shower gifts to get for parents planning to feed their tiny humans. We get it, there are many voices all telling you that their gift is essential.
The reality is that every parent and child has their own relationship and feeding journey to go on. The needs of every parent will be different. The needs of every child will be different.
That being said, we've found the absolute 5 essential gifts to get for any parent in that situation, guaranteed to be needed and appreciated!
1.  An upcycled, customized shirt of their dreams - perfect for breastfeeding, chestfeeding or pumping. We just so happen to know where you can get these ready-to-buy or custom made for your loved one. Our custom shirt service will leave your parent-to-be with a bespoke, fully customized shirt of their dreams. Our curated collections are full of bands, movies and tv show-shirts loved by many rock and roll parents! Find out more here.
2. Drink drink drink! The number of cold mugs of tea I poured away in the first few months of my daughter's life still makes me sad. If only I'd known that I could keep liquids hot for hours in a handy travel mug. Seriously the best advice I got as a new parent. Water bottles are also a vital piece of equipment, and if your expecting parents are anything like me, a back up bottle in the cupboard is an essential! 
3. Extra power - not for lifting cars or anything, but to keep their phones and tablets charged. I have a battery pack that can charge my phone 4 times over if I needed it to. It saved me from being bored whilst booby trapped under a milk-drunk baby/toddler on many occasions. 
4. Extra Equipment - After you've washed and sterilized everything, it can often feel like you just use everything over again!  I can't tell you how much time I saved and how much I lowered my frustration levels by buying an extra set of parts for my pump. I would talk to the expecting parents and find out if this is something on their registry, and if not, then a gift certificate with these in mind, to be cashed in once they work out exactly what they need.
5.Recommendations - a gift put together with love and thought. Make a list of recommendations for them to watch, listen to or read. Be mindful of the fact that they may be watching with no sound during a 4am feed and find some to include that have subtitles. 
What did we miss? Let us know what you think are the essential baby shower gifts for parents planning to feed their tiny humans in the comments below.

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